God, in His great kindness and wisdom, created a beautiful world for us that contains everything we need. He gave us plants whose fruits are our food and whose leaves are our medicine. (Ezekiel 47:12) This blog explores my experiences learning to use herbs and essential oils for my family's health. I am a mom and an independent distributor of Young Living Essential Oils.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Essential Oils and Home Remedies I use for Painful Ears

I have pretty sensitive ears. It only takes a few days of a painful throat or sinus drainage for me to start getting  painful ears too. These are the remedies that I use for my family. I will give you three steps you can take that you can use separately or all together.

First of all, do not put essential oils in your ears neat. They are much too strong. I will tell you what you can put IN your ears and what you can put ON your ears and body to help.

First, two things you can put in your ears that will help are Carbamide Peroxide drops, and Garlic Oil drops made especially for ears. Both of these kill germs and are soothing. Carbamide Peroxide ear drops are a stronger concentration than the regular peroxide you find in the grocery store. You can usually find them in the pharmacy. 

Garlic Oil ear drops are composed of a carrier oil (such as olive oil) infused with garlic and often some herbs. The kind I use are infused with garlic and Mullein, and I bought them at my local health food store. Did you know that scientists are able to measure gasses from garlic on the breath of someone who has rubbed their feet with garlic oil? This is why garlic is especially good for upper respiratory and lung complaints.

Lie down on a couch or bed. Put 5 drops of Carbamide peroxide or garlic oil in the affected ear. Cover with a small tuft of cotton and lie still for twenty minutes, 2-3 times a day. If you do not have time to lie still for so long, you may place the small cotton tuft in your ear canal and go about your business, removing the tuft later. A small child might enjoy lying on a warm heating pad or rice sock. 

You may want to warm these ear drops up before applying, because it feels really weird if the drops are cold. The garlic oil with Mullein will actually get warm in the ear and feel good all by it's self. You can also put the garlic oil on the bottoms of your feet! Yes! Then cover them with socks (right before bed is best.)