God, in His great kindness and wisdom, created a beautiful world for us that contains everything we need. He gave us plants whose fruits are our food and whose leaves are our medicine. (Ezekiel 47:12) This blog explores my experiences learning to use herbs and essential oils for my family's health. I am a mom and an independent distributor of Young Living Essential Oils.


Q: What does "Therapeutic Grade" mean?

A: I will give you Young Living's Official Definition of Therapeutic Grade means, then tell you what this means for you:

Young Living™ recognizes and supports the standards set by Afnor and ISO for essential oil commerce, and we pride ourselves on meeting all Afnor and ISO standards. In addition to these external regulations, however, Young Living™ also sets and exceeds a higher internal standard, built upon the magnitude of our own rigorous QA requirements. This standard is commonly known as "Therapeutic-Grade." 

In order to achieve "Therapeutic Grade" classification, each essential oil must scientifically prove the designation naturally, without excess manipulation, refinement and or spiking, and meet specific criteria in each of 4 key areas: Plants, Preparation, Purity and Potency.

  1. Plants: Young Living® products are produced from quality plants grown in exceptional soil and harvested at the optimal time.

  1. Preparation: Honoring a strict commitment to respecting and protecting the time-honored wisdom, tradition and art of distillation, Young Living™ makes every effort to preserve "nature's living energy" in a manner as close to its natural state as possible. 

  1. Purity: Achieved through the use of quality plants and meticulous preparation, and not through ultra-refinement and sanitization, our finished product is 100% pure. Young Living Essential Oils® are unadulterated, uncut and totally free of chemicals, pesticides and metals.

  1. Potency: A passion for plants and our quality guarantee result in the production of the world's finest essential oils, and the right phytochemicals at the right amounts, representing unmatched strength and efficacy. 

While there are oils produced by competing companies that meet Afnor and ISO standards, they don't match Young Living's™ stringent "Therapeutic-Grade" requirements, and should never be considered similar class. Although we pride ourselves on meeting established industry requirements, Young Living™ sets the bar for quality standards and stands alone in the production of "Therapeutic Grade" essential oils.

What this means for you is, that Young Living's Oils contain all the constituents they should, with no spiking with other ingredients, and contain no added chemicals that you may find in other oils due to their manufacturing processes, and are unmatched for purity. In fact you may notice that other brands of oils say "for External Use Only", whereas a great number of Young Living's oils say "supplement" right on the bottle. Any of YL's oils that say "supplement" on the bottle can be taken internally.

Q. How do I sign up to buy Young Living products, or become a Young Living distributor?

A. For a PDF that walks you through the process of becoming a Young Living member or distributor, click here. Once you understand this process, click on the "Opportunity" button above to be taken to the member enrollment page.

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