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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Natural Treatment For Dandruff Using Essential Oils

I recently read an interesting article about the causes of dandruff that was a real eye-opener. Did you know that dandruff can be caused by a fungus feeding off the oils on your scalp? A diet high in sugar and refined carbs is indicated as a culprit in dandruff flair ups. This explains a lot to me as I can look back and see that it was really times when I had a poor diet that I had the most trouble with a dry flaky scalp.

I have never liked using smelly shampoos with questionable ingredients like coal tar and fungicides on my hair, so I was happy to find out that there are many natural ways to treat my scalp.

Natural treatments for eliminating fungus from your scalp include reducing the amount of sugar and carbs in your diet, and using oil of oregano, lavender oil, or tea tree oil on your scalp.

Massaging your scalp with vinegar, colloidal silver, honey or baking soda is also helpful. Each of these things work because they have natural antiviral, antibacterial, and anti fungal properties.

Young Living Essential Oils recommended for relieving the occasional flaky scalp are Rosemary, Lavender, Wintergreen and Melaleuca (tea tree). It is easy to add these oils to the shampoo and rinse you already use. Three or four drops for every 6 ounces of shampoo is all you need. Massage the shampoo into your scalp and leave on for a few minutes as you continue showering. Rinse. Apply conditioner only to the ends of your hair.

If you would like to go the no shampoo option (what I do personally) simply mix baking soda and water in a plastic flip top bottle (an old shampoo bottle will do) until you have a saturated solution (stops dissolving.) Shake well and apply to your scalp, massaging it in. Let it sit as you finish your shower, then rinse the baking soda out. Next apply a vinegar rinse made with one part vinegar to four parts water. Example: one half cup vinegar to two cups water. Store this in a spray bottle, and add your essential oils. Shake this before each use, spray on, massage into your scalp and rinse out. You could add the essential oils to either the baking soda or the vinegar. (To be honest, I have problems with spray bottles. They never work long for me no matter what is in them. I actually store my vinegar in another flip top bottle and just sprinkle it on my hair and massage in. Maybe spray bottles are nice to you and will work in your case.)

This mixture of first baking soda then vinegar is quite good at cleaning your hair! The dirt and grease in your hair is absorbed with out stripping and damaging your hair, or making your scalp over produce oil in compensation, which happens when you use shampoo. Since I have started using this cleansing regimen my hair has been in great shape with no flakes! I have heard that for some people there is a period where their hair is more greasy for a time as they adjust to no shampoo, but this did not happen to me.

A dry, flaky scalp can be pretty embarrassing, so I hope that any of you who are suffering under this flaky curse will be helped by this article.

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, just a mom who loves taking care of my family. This information is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Please consult a qualified holistic health care practitioner for any medical needs you may have.

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